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Clergy Stole & Towel Set

Clergy/Preaching Stoles & Towel Set
Style# STS-10
This set includes the Stole and a Velour Towel.  These stoles are made out of brocade cross fabric and the towel are made of velour with brocade cross fabric trim.  Stole and towel can be sold separately.  Please see below for Stole details and/or see clergy towel tab for separate purchasing.  The color varies, came in regular colors, as well as matallic colors.  See below for colors and prices. 
Regular Colors (Black, Black and Red or White)
Price $74.99


Clergy/Preaching Stoles and Towel Set
Matallic Colors (Matallic Black and Gold or Matallic Black and Silver) 
Style# STS-10MG
Price $84.99

Clergy/Preaching Stole Only
Style# S-10
The stole is fully lined are long average lenght.   The back view of stole are "V" shape (please see below for picture).   
Regual Colors (Black, Black and Red, or White)
Price  $64.99

Clergy/Preaching Stole Only
Matallic Colors (Matallic Black and Gold or Matallic Black and Silver)
Price $74.99

Velour Towel Only
Towel are made of first quality velour material.  The towel is trimmed with brocade cross fabric ( please see above)  The size of the towels are 15x26.  This item can be sold separately (please see the Clergy Towel tab, subtitle velour towel).  Colors:  Black, Black & Red, or White
Price  $14.99 


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